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The Master’s Programme in Environmental and Energy Law (abbreviated MEEL) is a two-year postgraduate programme that aims at providing students with high academic qualifications and formal skills within environmental and energy law. The programme is designed to give the students a comprehensive understanding of the institutional and legal framework which determines the development of environmental and energy regulations at a national and international level, within the EU, and industry level.

The Master’s Programme in Environmental and Energy Law gives the students a comprehensive understanding of legal, political and financial aspects of the subject area as well as specialised knowledge within environmental and energy law. In addition, the students will learn how to apply and advise on legal rules and principles, subject to the demands placed on lawyers when it comes to applying the law and exercising discretion.

The programme is rooted in the research and teaching environments at the departments of social sciences under Aarhus University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark. The Master’s Programme in Environmental and Energy Law is developed in close collaboration with the programme’s advisory board.

Target group
The programme is directed at everyone working with environmental and/or energy issues in consultancy firms, public organisations, manufacturing companies etc. Consequently, the programme appeals to employees in both private and public sector organisations.

This programme is taught in Danish. Visit the Danish homepage

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